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High-power precision resistor LRMAP5930 series replaces WSLP5931

Precision resistors are indispensable important components in circuit design. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, there are more and more precision resistor applications. However, due to limited production capacity, Vishay, a large company, has difficulties in supplying precision resistors from multiple The customer knows that the basic delivery period has reached 50 weeks, and some products are even longer. In response to this situation, I recommend TT Electronics' high-power precision resistor LRMAP5930 series to cope with this situation. It is recommended to replace VISHAY's WSLP5931 series with LRMAP5930 series.

First look at the package size, the 5930 and 5931 are basically the same, the pin can be replaced by the pin on the PCB, which is the most critical requirement for replacement resistors. Both of them have a maximum power of 15W, which meets the requirements for testing large currents. The temperature drift of the LRMAP5930 series is better than the WSLP5931 series, which can meet the circuit accuracy requirements. The LRMAP5930 series is fully replaceable with the WSLP5931 series for applications from -55°C to 170°C and 0.2mΩ to 2mΩ. Finally, the price of the LRMAP5930 series is 20% cheaper than the WSLP5931 series.

At present, Chinamax has fully represented the resistance products of TT Electronics. For the phenomenon that the precision resistors are out of stock, the LRMAP5930 series is not out of stock, fast in supply and cheap, and is a good choice to replace the WSLP5931 series.