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Replacement for Honeywell IR Sensor-TT Electronics OPTEK

At February 19, 2018, Honeywell announced that they are discontinuing their IR sensor product line. Effective May 31, 2018, Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things (SIoT) will stop taking orders for its Infrared Sensors.


Affected series include:

•           Reflective sensors: HLC1395, HOA0149, HOA1180, HOA1397, HOA1405, HOA2498

•           Low light rejection phototransistors: SDP8475-201, SDP8476-201

•           Transmissive sensors: HOA1877, HOA0825, HOA086X, HOA1879, HOA1882, HOA088X, HOA1870

•           Optoschmitt detectors: SD5600, SD5610, SD5620, SD5630, SDP8600, SDP8610, HOA096X/ HOA097X, HOA696X/HOA697X, HOA698X/HOA699X, HOA7720/HOA7730

•           Photodarlington detectors: SD1410(L), SD2410, SD3410, SD5410, SDP8105, SDP8106

•           Photodiode detectors: SD2420, SD5421, SDP8276, SD1420(L), SMD2420

•           Emitters – metal package: SE1450(L), SE1470(L), SE2460, SE2470, SE3455, SE3470, SE5455, SE5470

•           Emitters – plastic & ceramic packages: SEP8505, SEP8506, SEP8705, SEP8706, SEP8736, SME2470

•           Phototransistors – metal package: SD1440(L), SD2440, SD3443, SD5443, SD5491

•           Phototransistors – plastic & ceramic package: SDP8405, SDP8406, SDP8436, SMD2440

•           Encoder detectors: HLC2701, HLC2705

•           Transmissive encoders: HOA0901, HOA0902